Can dogs eat ice cream?

As soon as the temperatures rise, we long for our four-legged friends after cooling off. What about a portion of ice cream? Can our dogs refresh themselves with the cold treat? Here we clarify the question of whether dogs are allowed to eat ice cream.

What ice cream can dogs eat?

We first approach this question from the side of ice cream and ingredients. Basically, these types of ice cream can be differentiated:

  • Ice cream
  • Water ice
  • Frozen yogurt, soft ice cream
  • Ice cubes

Classic ice cream consists of egg, milk, cream and sugar. Depending on the variety, other ingredients such as chocolate, coffee, vanilla or fruit are added as flavors. The mass is frozen with constant stirring. This is how the creamy ice cream is created.

A look at the ingredients of conventional ice cream finally answers the question of whether dogs are allowed to eat ice cream. Water ice is made quite differently . Pureed fruits or juices are frozen here with sugar and water.

A third variant is frozen yoghurt or soft ice cream. As the name suggests, it is frozen yogurt with various ingredients. In principle, no ingredient would be inedible for dogs. However, ice cream contains foods that can be intolerable or unhealthy for dogs . But let’s take a closer look at that. And we’ll get to ice cubes below.

Milk and cream are incompatible with dogs

Ice cream contains milk. However, many dogs cannot tolerate milk . They react to the milk sugar with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In order to break down milk sugar in the body, the body has to produce the enzyme lactase.

This is exactly what does not happen with many dogs. Because the production of lactase is stopped after weaning from breast milk. Ice cream could cause gastrointestinal problems in some dogs. In addition, the high fat content of milk and cream speaks against ice, at least in overweight dogs .


Ice contains a lot of sugar

Another negative point is the relatively high sugar content in the ice. Normal ice cream is very sweet and contains large amounts of refined sugar. This is not healthy for us humans and neither is it for our dogs. Sugar promotes obesity and causes dental problems .

Sugar does not contain any necessary nutrients and can weaken the immune system. The uncontrolled administration of sugar can even trigger serious diseases such as diabetes in dogs . It is precisely for these reasons that you should avoid sugar as much as possible .

There is really dog ​​ice cream

Inventive ice cream manufacturers have already dealt with the topic of dogs and ice cream. Special dog ice cream is commercially available.

Here varieties like:

  • Wild salmon carrot
  • Organic beef with apple
  • Frozen yogurt with horse and honey

If you are lucky enough to find a supplier in your area, you can pamper your darling with these special ice creams from time to time. If not, make the ice cream for your dog yourself. Then you don’t have to look for dog ice cream in the shops. We have put together two recipes for you.


Make dog ice cream yourself: 2 recipes

You can make this ice cream quickly and easily in your own kitchen. Your four-legged friend will certainly be happy about it. You can change the following basic recipes as you wish:

Peanut Butter Banana Recipe
2 tablespoons yogurt
1 tablespoon peanut butter, unsweetened
½ banana

Puree all ingredients. Fill the mass into small molds. Place the mold in the freezer for a few hours until the mass is frozen. For larger quantities of ice cream, you have to multiply the quantities accordingly.

Beef special recipe
1 tablespoon of curd cheese
2 tablespoons of yoghurt
1 tablespoon of beef liver
1 teaspoon of honey

Puree and freeze all ingredients as described above. Alternatively, you can fill the homemade ice cream into a toy for your dog. The Kong is ideal for this. Then freeze the stuffed toy . So you have a perfect job opportunity for your four-legged friend on a hot day.

Not too much ice for dogs

Ice is by no means toxic to the dog. It may be licked in small quantities. However, you should make sure that the dog does not receive a large amount. The cold associated with the slings that many dogs practice can cause stomach problems.

Your dog may not lick chocolate ice cream either. Because chocolate is poisonous for dogs . This is especially true for small breeds. Concerns like sugar, milk and chocolate naturally do not apply to ice cubes.


Can dogs eat ice cubes?

Ultimately, ice cubes consist only of frozen water, without any additives. And water is known not to be harmful. If your dog likes to eat ice cubes, this is generally not prohibited. However, I am now coming back with a raised index finger. Because even with ice cubes you should note a few things:

  • Dogs with a sensitive stomach
  • Brain freeze as a stinging headache
  • Crushed ice is better than large ice cubes

If your dog’s stomach is sensitive, the coldness of the ice cubes can irritate the gastric mucosa. Do you know the short, stabbing headache when you eat cold things? This is called brain freeze.

Not all people are affected. It’s the same with dogs. In particular, if your dog tends to swallow the food , it may become uncomfortable. In principle, you should make sure that the ice cubes are not too big. Then your dog cannot choke on it. If you want to be on the safe side, crushed ice would be best.

So you should consider a few small things. But then dogs are allowed to eat ice cubes, at least every now and then. Finally, you could put the ice cubes in a bowl filled with water. The cool water offers your dog an almost as good opportunity to cool off.


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